Kodiak Guides - Hunting for Brown Bear, Mountain Goat and Sitka Black Tail Deer.
There are two Kodiak hunts
Spring (April - May)
Fall (late October - November)


Spring Hunts

The weather during the Spring hunts in April and May will find the temperatures running from 30-60 degrees F. The bears begin emerging from hibernation in April and the pelts are heavy and in prime condition. The hunting may be a bit more extreme because of snow conditions. May finds all bears out of hibernation.

Fall hunts

The October/November fall season has less daylight hours and will find temperatures ranging form the low 20s to upper 40s F. Pelt hair length may be a bit shorter then spring but bears are more numerous and Sitka Blacktail Deer (a fine side trophy) are available for the hunter.

Kodiak Brown Bear

  Flights depart Anchorage daily via Alaska/ERA airlines to the Island of Kodiak, some 55 minutes away. Kodiak is called the Emerald Isle and is blessed with a temperate marine climate, which means is has a tendency to rain a lot.

Kokiak Island Landscape and hunting camp.
The island is rugged mountains with miles of
rocky shoreline and stretches of deep, green forests.


Over 3,500 Kodiak Brown Bears make their home on the island along with deer, fox, goat, sea lions, whales, Crabsalmon, crab, and halibut.

Eagles, puffins, cormorants, gulls and ducks also share this area with us.

Jim owns 3 acres with cabins that are 16' x 24' with oil heat and showers.

  I will meet you at the Kodiak airport and take you to camp via my 28' boat, the Bonnie G, or airplane, where you will spend the next 10-15 days in one of three rustic but warm and dry cabins.

Hunting for the Brown Bear and Deer is basically done by foot in the three major canyons surrounding Camp.

The country is generally rolling and mountainous and is laced with alder patches and cottonwoods.

Jim's 28' boat.

Beautiful Kodiak Scenery

Kodiak Guides hunts Game Management Unit 8

Hunts are one-on-one and fully outfitted for your comfort and satety. Exotic waterfowl hunting is also available.

All hunts are fair chase and are conducted in accordance with State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game regulations.

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